Why Multiple Seating Areas is the Future for Your Office

If you want to make the most of your office design then there are several different factors to consider. One of these is making maximum use of the space of course, while another is making sure that your office looks attractive enough to impress guests and clients who might visit and create the impression of a business that’s at the top of its game and doing well enough to afford a good d├ęcor. Then of course it’s also important to make sure that your space is as optimally conducive to productivity and creativity and that it is able to facilitate your staff to have good ideas and to create their best work.

Perhaps most important of all though is making sure that your staff are comfortable and that your space is somewhere that they are happy to spend a lot of their time. The more comfortable your staff are, the more able they will be to produce their best work and the more you will be likely to attract the best clients and staff to your organization. At the same time of course it’s also a moral obligation to make sure that your staff are as comfortable as possible and during their working hours their well being is going to be your responsibility.

One way to accomplish this and to make your office more comfortable while at the same time increasing productivity is to provide your staff with multiple options for their seating. Here we will look at what this means and why it can be so beneficial.


The New Paradigm

In your stereotypical office you will normally have a few desk spaces where you’ll have each person sitting on their own and doing their work. These spaces will normally have one swivel chair or desk chair for each member of staff, and each of your workers will be likely to spend the majority of their time sitting in this space working on their own.

The problem here of course is that sitting in a single space on your own for eight hours plus can be a rather boring way to spend a day and it’s not terribly inspiring from a creativity standpoint. Furthermore, sitting in the same position for that long can put a lot of strain on your spine and on your eyes and is generally not great for your health.

Instead then, consider having multiple places that your staff can sit and work and providing laptops rather than desktop computers that they can work from. Providing laptops will straight away mean that your staff can take their computers with them on business trips and this will save your business money as you won’t need to pay for separate laptops for such journeys

Furthermore this will then allow you to create alternative communal spaces for your staff to work. This could mean gathering around a communal table, or it could mean sitting on a couch and reclining. By moving around they can find a spot that suits them and that they find most conducive to work and creativity, while at the same time they can avoid putting too much strain on their spines over time.

This also gives you the opportunity to create much more of a communal vibe and a much more modern layout. Imagine a large communal area with people sitting around chatting while they do their work, or relaxing with a coffee. It sends a much more progressive and modern vibe, and if you work with a company to create great office fitouts it can be a lot less ‘drab’ than the old stereotypical office space.

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