Spring Cleaning: Adding New Office Equipment

With the arrival of the spring, our thoughts turn to organizing and rearranging.  The new season is the opportune time to look around not only your home, but your office and address any changes that need to be made. Bringing a fresh feel to your office space may be just the spark you need to set the spring season ablaze. When it comes to designing your work space there are few things as important as the equipment you fill the space with.  This can be especially important when you are working within a commercial office space.  Purchasing the equipment for a space of this caliber will involve a mix of the basics and some larger pieces that would not normally fit in a residential space.

The Basics

It doesn’t matter if the company in the market for new equipment is a small business or a multi-national corporation. There are certain pieces that every office will need to purchase.  These essentials will aid the employees in completing their tasks, both daily and long term. Some of the essentials include:

  • A phone system with private branch exchange and all needed headsets.
  • New computer equipment that can be customized to fit any type and size of business.
  • Updated office furniture, keeping worker’s safety in mind. Things to consider here would be ergonomic chairs and wrist rests that can be placed in front of the computer’s keyboard. Purchasing this equipment now may help prevent lost man hours in future caused by an employees’ hand or wrist injury. For more information on how to set up a work station that is comfortable and safe for employees check out this handy guide from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

Beyond the Basics

Once a purchase plan has been made for the basic equipment, your location needs it is time to look at some of the bigger pieces that you may need. These pieces can be extremely helpful if you are designing for a large office or a situation that will be handling a high volume of paperwork.

  • A high volume printer.  If your business relies a lot on printed materials this can be a crucial investment.
  • A high volume copy system.
  • A high volume envelope printer.  Just like other high volume pieces of equipment this machine can be a crucial investment if your company sends out a lot of mass mailers or other printed materials to clients and vendors. Keep in mind though that a system such as this will need an adequate amount of space.

These tools are highly used by businesses today and are extremely beneficial in helping businesses complete tasks and remain organized.

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