Recycling at the Office

The IT revolution was supposed to lead us into a brave new world of paper free offices, but this has not yet been the case, and is unlikely to be so anytime in the near future. Many people still like the old-fashioned method of holding a real paper document in their hands. It is also not cost-effective to supply everyone with their own iPad, tablet or PC at meetings. It is still easier just to print out everyone a copy of what they need to read and be done with it.

So, while paper is still popular in office environments, and businesses are the biggest users of paper products, it is important to make sure that this dwindling resource is being managed as best as possible. Most offices now have, or should have, a recycling plan in place (and that the staff are educated on). All documents not containing private company information should be recycled immediately; so make sure to have plenty of recycle bins on hand so that a lazy employee doesn’t just throw them into the garbage when unscrupulous people can gain access to them. Sensitive documents should also be recycled after being shredded; numerous companies now offer on-site shredding and disposal for a reasonable fee. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.


Even those messy ink cartridges from printers can be saved from the landfill and recycled. For example, Eezy Trade ink cartridges can be sent back to the company in prepaid envelopes (that they supply) where they will be recycled at no additional cost to the consumer. What could be easier than that – just pop them into an envelope and you are done. Just imagine all the ink cartridges that have unnecessarily ended up at the dump over the years. So that is another office recycling issue that can be scratched off the list with a service most probably didn’t even know existed.

So, what else can be recycled around the confines of the modern office. Well, there is always all the containers and left over material people bring to work for their lunches and snacks. A good idea is to set up an easily accessible recycling station in the office where people can sort their disposable items into organic, recyclable and just plain old garbage. Instilling this behavior in employees is a great way get them thinking about it when away from work, too.

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