Flying Carpet and More Express Ideas for your Office Furniture.

 Where shall I put my Gonk? How to transform your office.

Exercise One: Stop what you’re doing, walk over to a wall and look at it. It needs to be an interior wall – white, cream or egg shell. Feel inspired? Thought  not.  A bland environment may well be functional, yet can inhibit creativity and productivity. These days, it’s possible to furnish an office quickly and with minimum effort to transform the space into one that is professional yet expressive, calming yet also productive.

The layout of an office and its furnishings are central to creating a positive impression on your existing and potential clients. How the office looks and feels will also have an impact upon yourself and the other people who work there. Hopefully you will have been able to look at the space and planned where you want items to go.

Desks should be situated in accordance with the job role of the person using it – arranged in clusters if teams are required to discuss and share, away from the main throng if it is quiet that is needed or in view of the entrance if a ‘meet and greet’ is the order of the day. Desks need not be boring either. The Milk Desk, for example, is white, with rounded edges and can be lowered or raised electronically, designed in mind for those who use Apple Macs and laptops.

If you have a large office space, partition walls are normally used to divide off areas. However, large office plants such as fig trees are also a great way of using nature as an aesthetic function.

Softwalls, made from paper with a felt core are also brilliant at dividing up space. Available from the Danish company Grape Design (and obviously would need to be ordered in advance if time was of the essence) softwalls can be twisted into any shape, rolled up when not required and also make for great noise inhibitors.

The absolute minimum you would require for an office is a desk, a chair and a computer – one for each person, less if you favour ‘hot desking’ -although the jury is still out on the efficiency of that. Would this then resemble an office? Possibly, albeit one that still looks sterile. In addition, you may quickly realise that you are missing out on other essential items, which leads us to Exercise Two: Disregarding phones (you can always use your mobile) and assuming the necessary office infrastructure is in place, make a note of all the other items that make an office an office. Go…

….Ok, did you get: fax, printer, photocopier, ring binders, paper, flip charts, waste paper basket, coat stand, stapler, plus all the other stationary sundries such as whole punch, pens and highlighters, not forgetting of course, the indispensible post-it notes? Office fit out companies and suppliers can quickly provide all the equipment you need for a highly functioning work space.

However, now you have a list, you can purchase the items that best fit with the atmosphere you wish to create: Fun, functional or formal. Take a look at online office furniture suppliers or visit stores yourself in order to literally get a feel for the items. With a little bit of research and planning beforehand, it is possible to create a functioning office space that is both an ergonomic and stimulating place to work.

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