Essential Pieces of Office Furniture

Your home office and corporate office have something in common – they need furniture. Selecting office furniture can be overwhelming, so here are the top 5 pieces of essential office furniture, regardless of where you work.

The Desk

Well, ok, that’s a given. You’ll need a desk in your office. But – what KIND of desk will you have? Not only can you decide on the function of the desk, you can choose the style as well.

An “L” shaped desk gives you “layout” space for projects with a lot of paperwork. It will also provide a surface for your computer, so that all you have to do is swivel to your keyboard to make entries.

Some desks have a lap drawer. This is the shallow drawer under the desk top, above the knee space. This is a great place to use to keep your desktop organized. When you look for desks, look at the drawers. Some desks have large, deep drawers for file folders. This can be a big catch-all drawer if you don’t use it for files. If that’s what you want, great. Otherwise, you may want to look for a different drawer configuration.

The Chair

An office chair is possibly the most important part of your office. You’re going to spend a lot of time in that chair, and it needs to be comfortable and support your back properly. It is entirely possible to find a nice-looking office chair, which is important to someone who wants all the furnishings to coordinate.

A word to the wise – a large, impressive leather chair with brass studs may look imposing and presidential, but may be excruciatingly uncomfortable. If you have a small frame, find a chair that won’t make you look minuscule.

Find a chair that “sits” at the correct angle for your body. Some of them feel like the seat tips forward. This is comfortable to some people, and exhausting to others. You also want to find a chair that fits your back. Most full-backed chairs are not adjustable, so if you choose one, make sure you can sit at a natural angle in the chair as you work at your desk. Check, also, for adjustable arm rests. If they’re not adjustable, make sure they won’t impede your arm movements.

An expensive office chair that doesn’t fit you is not an asset. Your discomfort will show when you have clients or employees in your office.

A Mat

Regardless of the type of flooring you have in your office, you’ll need a mat to put under your chair. Repeated rolling in your office chair will mar the floor, no matter how durable the surface. If your office has carpet, get a heavy gauge mat with “nubs” on the back. These will be little spikes on the underside of the mat that grip the carpet to keep the mat from sliding around on the floor.

If you have a hard surfaced floor, such as hardwood, you’ll need a mat without nubs, which would eventually scratch and wear on the floor.

The mats you can purchase for your desk area come in several different gauges. For heavy use, use a heavy gauge mat – otherwise, you’ll find that it bunches up under the wheels of your chair.


You may not think of lighting as an important furniture item, but it is. With poor lighting, your stress level increases and productivity drops.

Keep in mind that there is a difference in actual light and perceived light. You can get by with less actual light if the light is in the right places. Perceived light is what the room looks like when you walk in. It may seem dim, but if light is in all of the right places, the actual light is sufficient. Look at desk lamps, table, lamps, and floor lamps to bring more actual lighting into your office, and to provide task lighting as well. Look for placement that will avoid harsh shadows.

File Cabinets

Everyone needs storage. You can get this, and organization too, with file cabinets. Choose them to match the décor of your office to avoid the “refrigerator effect” of large, monolithic structures that may dominate the room.

Josh Andrews loves to write in his spare time. He is obsessed with furniture and is currently working for a online furniture shop who supply a great nest of tables.

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