How to Renovate Your Office Space on a Budget

Perhaps your office furniture and décor are a bit faded and tattered. Perhaps you’ve just had an insurance-level emergency in your facility: a flood or even a fire. The office needs renovation, but there’s not enough of a budget to tear everything out and buy new.

Although it may not seem to be an ideal situation, it’s actually an excellent opportunity to focus on what really matters: functionality and work environment.

Planning is Vital

Freshening up the furniture and putting new pictures on the walls is all well and good, but it’s the layout, the organisational systems, and the way that spaces are linked or isolated that really matters.

When you’re not starting from scratch, it’s easier to picture the improvements that could be made. Sometimes, just creating the storage spaces and file systems that allow the office to be clean and well organised can make a huge difference. Do you have the team work spaces you need? Are your meeting facilities sufficient?

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You’ll have opinions about all of that, and so will your employees. It’s important to involve everyone who uses the work space in the initial brainstorming and in the decision making process.

What to Keep

Don’t bin things that still work well. If something is looking a bit tired, then often it can be renewed rather than replaced. For example, partitions can be reupholstered. It’s possible to paint cabinetry and some types of furniture, and if you’re lucky enough to have real wood in the office, it can be refinished.

There’s no need to replace functional bathroom or kitchen fixtures, although deep-cleaning and servicing would be a good idea. Focus on function, good organisation, and an appealing look. It’s not so important that everything should match or that everything looks brand new.

What to Replace

Out of date computer and conferencing equipment should be replaced. Worn out carpets and upholstery should go; they look terrible and can aggravate respiratory problems. If you have dated, generic-looking art or dying plants, then replacing them can really improve the appearance of the office. Things that are broken should be repaired or replaced, depending on which is more economical.

If it looks bad and it’s not expensive to replace, then replace it. The appearance of an office really does make a difference in moral and productivity.

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