10 Reasons Your Business Will Benefit From An Office Refurbishment

Are you tired of the same old office building? It’s likely that your business is well-overdue a makeover. In a world where everything, from fashion to television, is so volatile, you have to catch your clients’ attention with a building that represents everything your company stands for. It’s not enough just to offer great services; you have to look innovative and interesting too.

And it’s not just about the customers either. To attract the best in the business, you have to build a brand and a reputation for excellence. Your employees should be the cream of the crop, so reflect your high standards in your refurbishment.

Extra Space

As your company grows, the office will have to grow with it. Instead of having your staff packed in elbow-to-elbow, expand with a refurbishment plan. You’ll be able to make the most out of your existing space, without needing to go elsewhere for extra rooms. Open plan is the go-to design for creating that feeling of space, so pull down those partition walls.

Eco Friendly

With the green market being as lucrative as it is, it wouldn’t hurt to increase your environmentally-friendly credentials. Through using eco materials and having an expert in to evaluate how you can greenwash your building at little cost, you can boast to your shareholders about how much money you’re reducing in overhead costs, as well as getting socially responsible customers on-side. It’s a win-win situation.


Be Eye-Catching

To attract passing trade, a window display doesn’t go amiss. Remember how important your reception area is to making a first impression; in fact, your welcoming hall is probably the most crucial room in the building. Customers generally judge a business through first impressions. Look the business and do business with a variety of high-paying clients.

Health And Safety

A refurbishment is an ideal opportunity to up the safety of your building. With time, the office environment goes through all sorts of wear and tear. Prevent personal injury claims by making the business an enjoyable and safe place to work.

Create New Rooms

Are your teams always struggling to find meeting spaces? Create comfortable boardrooms for management to discuss the future of your company and make sure that there are plenty of private booths for important team organisation.


Now is the perfect time for your company to rebrand itself to customers and clients. It’s crucial to stay on top of the game, and if your business looks antiquated or outdated, your trade is going to suffer. Create a design brief and give your offices a brand new, fresh look; but don’t forget to represent the type of business you are in your decoration.

Improve Facilities

The employees are your business’ lifeblood, and if they’re working in substandard conditions, it’ll affect their work. Ensure that everything is ergonomically sound in the offices. It’s definitely worth investing in comfortable chairs that stop aching backs and shoulders. Listen to staff feedback and act on their comments about improving work stations.

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