Why Not Using Crating Services May Result In Damaged Artwork

Artwork can be a joy but moving it from one place to another can be a terror. Most people downplay the importance of a good crating or art delivery service but it can be the one thing that keeps your artwork safe while traveling from one place to another. This is because art pieces are beautiful but they are dangerously fragile. Paintings especially have to be shipped in tightly bound cartons while sculptures have to be padded all over with thick foam to keep the sculpture in place during travel. This is particularly true while shipping valuable artwork from one place to another across the globe. In such cases, insurance companies also come into play and they have their own regulations about how the artwork should be shipped to prevent damage.

Why do you need to use professional crating services?

1. Artwork appreciates in value

A complete, undamaged piece, is more likely to double in value as compared to a sculpture or painting that was damaged by pressure, heat, cold or water during travel. Tiny nicks, cuts and dents also detract from the value of the piece. Professional craters or packers will use double walled cardboard boxes that are completely flat bur reinforced to resist pokes and prods. They will also place a thick sheet of masonite or Soundboard on top of the painted surface to ensure that the artwork does not get damaged. For sculptures or 3D artwork, the packer might use foam to stabilize the piece in position and then double wrap it with bubble wrap to prevent breaks.

2. Safety

Most professional packers are trained to evaluate the piece that they are transporting. For example, delicate soapstone sculptures may be wrapped with bubble wrap, stabilized with foam and then packed in double cartons filled with foam peanuts to prevent the piece from shifting. Other packers may also make wooden crates over this cardboard crate to prevent pressure damage. As a result, you are guaranteed safety when you are transporting artwork through professional packers. For valuable artwork, some packers also promise to use acid-free paper which will not damage the piece during travel and transport the crate with AC or temperature controlled vans.

3. Insurance

All packers are covered with insurance and you are assured of compensation in case of damage during travel. Transit insurance experts will assess your sculpture and provide you with coverage for your work. Of course, this is no satisfaction when an art work is damaged but it does let you know that the company is concerned with providing the best service.

We recommend that if you are moving art, you find a professional packer and shipper who will move your artwork for you. This is particularly true if you plan to travel over a large distance. Please note that water, pressure and wind damage is common while transporting goods over long distances and over water. Using a professional will just mean that your goods are safe.

July Weller is a journalism and arts student who writes about fine art, museums, and pottery. She has recently been writing about fine art storage and art crating for keeping art intact. She hopes to one day become a artist and art critic.

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