Three Options for Your Move & the Benefits of Each

If you need to relocate, there are a lot of ways you can go about packing up and shipping out. Some people opt to get as much professional assistance as possible, while others pride themselves on going it alone.

Here are three different choices you have for going from your old home to your new one, and the benefits of each option.


1) Full-Service Moving


With movers that offer the whole shebang, you are getting much more than just someone to drive your possessions from place to place. You often also get trained workers to do the heaviest lifting and someone to pack/prep everything beforehand. With this option, you should be able to simply go alone to your new house with minimal hassle.


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Of course, the biggest benefit to taking this route is that it’s totally hands-off for you. There is no need to pack your own boxes, lift a finger or have the responsibility of transporting your entire life by yourself. You can be sure that your items are well packed and loaded as efficiently as possible. There’s also no need to drive a vehicle you’re unfamiliar with, since the company will do all of that for you.


2) Do-it-Yourself Moving


Typically, the DIY option means that from beginning to end, you orchestrate your own relocation. This entails that you do the packing, prepping of belongings, loading, unloading and driving.




For those who want to save money, this can be the most economical option. You can ask friends or family to help you do the lifting without having to worry about payment or tips (although pizza is typically a nice gesture). Your only expenses are usually gas, the price of a rental van/truck and packing materials. If you are comfortable navigating a large vehicle and have no problem rolling up your sleeves to move things, this can be a great choice.


3) Storage Containers / Partial DIY Methods


With this choice, you are meeting halfway between DIY and professional assistance, because you’re using a storage pod. These items come in various sizes and can fit entire households inside with ease. Typically, you load your own storage container and unload it as needed.




This method is nice because you can pack/unpack at your leisure, and you can even keep the pod on your property for as long as you need extra storage.

Another convenient thing about these containers is that you don’t need to drive any large vehicles, because the company drops them off and picks them up.


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