Things to Take or Leave When Moving Abroad

One of the biggest struggles when making a move to another country is deciding what you should and should not bring with you. You may be looking at this move as a fresh start and welcome the idea of purging yourself of all your belongings to be replaced with locally bought items in your new country. However, not everyone feels that way and many may have a hard time letting go of certain things. Looking into international car shipping and the various voltage requirements may help make the decision of what to take or leave a lot easier. Here is a list of what you can take if you’d like and what is best left behind when moving abroad.

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Leave: Unnecessary Electronics

Like the appliances, your electronics will also need converters in order to work and not fry your possessions when you move abroad. If the electronic is something that can be easily replaced such as a hairdryer, leave without it and get one made in that country. The only electronics you should bring are those that were very costly and would be just as expensive if not more to replace.

Take: Reminders of Home

Moving to a new country with a new culture will not be an easy thing to do. When the initial excitement wears off you may find yourself feeling home sick. This is why you should bring small reminders of home to get you through these rough patches. What you bring will be entirely dependent on what will make you happy if you experience culture shock or start missing home.

Leave: Appliances

While major appliances can be very costly, and therefore something you don’t want to give away, they are not practical abroad. For one, the voltage will be different in another country and having a converter that can handle your refrigerator is not going to be an easy task. Also, the shipping costs would not be as cost effective as just purchasing a home abroad that already has appliances or getting them when you arrive.

Take: Your Car

You are probably thinking that because you are moving to another continent, you cannot bring your beloved car with you, but that is simply not the case. Utilizing international car shipping is not as expensive as most may think and not having to let go of your vehicle may make the transition to your new life a little easier. Check the various requirements for road vehicles in your soon-to-be home and find out if you will be able to drive your car without any modifications.

The transition may not be easy, but you have to opportunity to start a whole new life abroad with many new experiences—don’t weigh that down with unnecessary clutter when moving.


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