The Top 5 Happiest States In The USA To Live

Across America, states and cities are implementing their own happiness initiatives to make their residents more cheerful. So if you are looking to move to the US maybe you want to choose a state from the top ten on this ‘happiness index’ for a greater chance of contentment.

1. Hawaii

When you think of Hawaii, if images of stunning landscapes, gorgeous weather and outstanding natural beauty come to mind then you can probably take a wild guess as to why the residents on the island are so happy to live there.

Thanks to a Gallup Survey, Hawaii has claimed the spot of the ‘happiest state’ for the third year running. In fact, the Aloha state is not only seen as the happiest place to live in America, but it is also regarded as the state with the highest life evaluation, the best emotional health and the region with the healthiest behaviours.

People who live in Hawaii are the most likely of all Americans to say they smiled or laughed a lot, making this one of the key places to start your property search if you are trying to be more cheerful.

2. North Dakota

Climbing from third to second place, the residents of North Dakota are happier than they have ever been before.

It is not known whether the close proximity to Canada has anything to do with the contentment of the residents, but it is an ideal base if you want to be able to quickly transfer between the two countries.

With a reputation as the friendliest and safest of all States, North Dakota has worked hard to achieve its ‘happy reputation’ and it will be interesting to see if it can go the full way and knock Hawaii off the top spot in the years to come.

3. Minnesota

Minnesota is one of the highest climbers in the happiness rankings this year and forms part of a northern state grouping that all appear within the top half of the chart. Previously positioned in sixth place, this is a shining example of the desire of America to improve the welfare of their residents.

Also ranked within the top ten best States to bring up a family, Minnesota achieved top ranking for Physical health, having the lowest proportion of obese people in any US state. And, when it comes to choosing where to base your family, the benefits of living in Minnesota are clear.

4. Alaska

As this chart shows, warmth and sunshine are not necessarily the route to all happiness, especially when it comes to living in America.

Though the sunnier states may draw you to the country, Alaska is actually seen as a happier place to live than anywhere on the West Coast. So get your snow boots on and head north, it could well make you more cheerful than you have ever been before.

5. Utah

Utah is a great place to live for outdoor enthusiasts, and with all that fresh air it is no wonder they rank so highly in the happiness stakes. In other recent surveys, Utah has been identified as one of the best states for low smoking habits and ranks to for the possibility that you will learn something new on any given day

In the lower half of the top ten it has been a close call. Colorado and Kansashave tied for sixth place while Nebraska, New Hampshire and Montana hold the remaining three slots on the chart.

However, as this is a ‘happiness chart’ there is no bad news, even for those at the bottom. This year Michigan has maintained their position at the bottom spot and has been identified as the least happy state in the US. But even their smile index has improved year on year, showing that wherever you move to in America, the chances of it making you happy get better all the time.

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