The Journey Of Logistics

The process and management of logistics is a bit of an unsung hero in the day-to-day running of business and even personal lives. If you think about it, without logistics and logistical systems that have been a mainstay of living over thousands of years, the simple act of living would very much be a vastly more difficult task.

The act of moving materials, products and items from one place to another is a very natural one. It happens all the time without anyone either noticing it or really having to think about it. The scale on which it happens is very vast, but also quite natural too. From someone bringing their lunch to work with them to someone travelling many miles to deliver an item as simple as a birthday card; we move things from A to B every single day.

Logistics is simply the management of this process and in the majority of cases is a far from natural (and certainly not simple) process. Logistics ensures that the item, product or material actually completes its designated journey and gets from A to B. Logistics ensures that on the item, product or material’s journey from A to B, it reaches its destination in the quickest, cheapest and safest way. This sounds like a bit of a headache at the best of times but when you consider the number of possible routes the item, product or material can take, the headache becomes even bigger and more painful.

Historical breakthroughs in transport have meant that the ancient method of utilising a system of levers, pulleys and winches has become a thing of the past. In fact they were very much a thing of the past as they have been theorised to be behind the construction of structures such as pyramids! The Greeks were the first to contribute towards the evolution of travel by producing shipping vessels. This obviously meant that travel was no longer restricted to land which really opened the world up in terms of logistical thinking but it also created a lot more criteria for consideration when it comes to managing the transport of any items, products or materials.


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Further technological breakthroughs spawned from this newly ‘free’ world with inventions such as rail travel, automotive transport and the aeroplane. All provided a different type of solution design to get a package from A to B, with varying degrees of time, difficulty and expense. Logistics manages these factors to ensure that the package gets to where it needs to be, but for the benefit of everyone involved.

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