Real Talk: The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Santa Monica

Con: Proximity to the Beach

Yeah, the con is kind of the same as the pro, but for a different reason: tourists. Being so close to the beach, you’re going to have to fight through crowds in the summer to get to your favorite beach spots. For some, this feels like an invasion of the homeland, but for those who look on the bright side, you get to meet a lot of cool people.

Other Notes:

If you’re moving from anywhere else in the country, you may find that Santa Monica is a tad expensive. That being said, you can totally get a smaller-sized apartment in Santa Monica and rent a public storage unit on the cheap. Those who live in Santa Monica and have lived elsewhere in the area rave about the air quality; apparently, it is far cleaner than anywhere else in the LA area. There are plenty of places to do outdoor yoga if that’s your thing, and, most importantly, there is virtually no shift of weather. Beautiful sun and agreeable temperatures all year round!

Sara Kay is an avid blogger who contributes to several different lifestyle blogs across the Web.

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