Real Talk: The Pros And Cons Of Moving To Santa Monica

It doesn’t matter where in the country you’re from; if you move to Santa Monica, California, you better believe it’s going to be unlike any other place you’ve ever lived. It’ll definitely be an experience you’ll keep with you for life, and while it’s the most amazing experience ever for some, it’s not for everybody. You’ll find plenty of information out there about whether to rent or buy, or which beaches you should check out. Here, we’re going to tell you what you really want to know about living in Santa Monica so you can make an educated decision about whether or not it’s for you.

Pro: It’s Close to what GQ Calls the ‘Coolest Block in America’

You heard that correctly. Santa Monica borders Venice which is a fun, vibrant city, and even GQ Magazine agrees. Venice is home to Abbot Kinney, a street which apparently gave even New Orleans’ Frenchmen Street a run for it’s money in the ‘hip’ department. Take a dip into any of the boutiques on the block and you’ll surely come out looking like something out of a hipster fashion magazine; then, you’ll be good to go on one of the block’s beloved restaurants. The block also has frequent outdoor markets and, according to the magazine, is where a lot of really cool people call home.

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