Planning For Your Next Move

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1) What will you need every time you move from one place to another?
2) Why do you need Removal boxes and crates in planning for your next move?
3) What are the other responsibility in moving from one place to another?
4) Why do you need to consider the amount of possessions you are planning to move?
5) How to plan with your next move?

Removal boxes and crates are an essential part of all of our lives every time we move from one place to another. Unless you will be living in your ancestral castle for your entire life, you will have to face the reality of the removal process and all it entails. If you think about your time and strength, packing and the actual move can be, not totally, but almost, painless.

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Using Sturdy Removal Boxes

Whether you hire a removal firm to pack and carry your possessions, or you do it all yourself, you know that protecting your things means taking care when you pack—and using study and reliable removal boxes and supplies. Most cardboard cartons have flimsy sides, and the bottom may give way if too much weight is put on it. For weighty items like books, really sturdy boxes are essential. Double-walled removal boxes may be best for heavy things, while bigger, lighter cartons are ideal for bulky but light items such as bedding.

The last time I packed for a removal, I had a huge amount of books. Since books are heavy, I obtained sturdy, but smaller boxes. I assumed that this size would be easier for the men who had to actually carry all of those books up stairs to my new library. It turned out they were annoyed because that meant a lot more trips, and they ended up carrying two of the boxes up the stairs each time—not exactly what I had in mind. (I had to give them a big tip!) The moral of that tale is to ask a professional about recommended removal boxes for the items you will need to take with you.

Packing Carefully

Packing boxes with household items requires care. Glass, china, and other fragile objects should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Newspaper may work for a few things if the boxes will be handled with care, but if your things are valuable to you, they are worth taking some time to protect—use bubble wrap.

Before you even start the process of packing, it is really a good idea to weed out your possessions. Everyone has things they never use—and never will use. (Some of them may still have the purchase tag still attached!)

Do it Yourself or Hire a Removal Firm?

The decision to do it yourself can only be feasible if you really have the time. It will be too late to panic at the last moment and find that you cannot handle all of the work. Keeping a list of steps to complete will help. (Removal firms and box vendors provide great starter lists on their web sites.) Of course completing them is the issue; just planning is not enough.

Keep in mind that packing is not your only responsibility. There are many things related to any move: utilities must be shut off and started in the new house or flat; driving license and voting addresses must be changed; your children’s schools must be notified; your address must be changed with the post office and approved for forwarding of mail…the list seems endless. If you can do all these things and pack as well without going into meltdown, by all means plan on it. But remember that when removal day arrives you will be exhausted before anyone puts a carton on a truck.

Too many people assume that their friends will lift and carry prodigious numbers of boxes if they buy some beer and maybe a pizza. If you are guilty of this, think before you ask. Consider the amount of possessions you are planning to move. It might be a great idea to hire a professional firm to move large bulky items (mattresses, furniture, pianos, etc. You get the idea.), while you and your friends, or family, move boxes filled with lighter items like fragile glassware, your grandmother’s clock, your daughter’s doll house. On my last removal I luckily moved only about six blocks away. So before the big move day I was able to transport art work, mirrors, lamps, and plants myself in the back of my car. It was a lot of trips, but I was able to place these breakable treasures in a safe place in the new house myself. And by some miracle—all the plants lived and were happy in their new home!

So, what is the bottom line for your planned removal? Have you taken the time to plan everything that needs to be done? Do you have a schedule that you can live with? Do you know that you will have all of the removal boxes and supplied on hand to get the job done? AND, do you have a plan for the disposal of all of those boxes?

Connie Williams is an information junkie who lives to ferret out fascinating ideas for her readers. She writes blog posts on a variety of topics such as moving boxes. Unfortunately, she has moved much too often, and has learned to use sturdy removal boxes as often as she can.

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