On The Move? The Top Reasons To Look At Apartments In London

You’re looking at moving, maybe for work, maybe for a change of scenery, but have you looked at apartments London wise yet?

If not, you really should as there is so much to offer. Here I look at just some of the top reasons to consider moving to the UK capital of London.

Easily Get From A to B – Transportation

When it comes to the convenience of getting from A to B when deciding where you should live next, apartments London wide typically boast great access to a great array of public transportation.

Whether it’s one of the many buses, the underground or a local train, there is plenty of choice when it comes to get from your accommodation to your place of work or destination of choice for a night out.

Plenty Of Greens

Although apartments in London might not come immediately to mind when thinking of a place of residence in an area that is nice and green, London does actually have plenty of green areas to visit. Hyde Park being one of the prime examples. But there is also Kensington Gardens and many other gardens, parks and other green areas across London which prove it is much more than just hustle and bustle.

Work Hard Play Hard

People pick up apartments London wide for a number of reasons, including work. Many big companies are based in the UK capital so many ambitious types head to the area to work their craft and pull in the big bucks.

Of course, the old adage goes all work and play makes Jack a dull boy, so after working hard it’s always good to know wherever your apartment is in London, there is a great deal of things to see and do in the evening time

You could go to see a show at one of the many theatres or maybe see a musical.


If you are a football fan there are a number of teams across London to go and see, from Arsenal to QPR, there will always be a game on of some sort – if you can grab a ticket for them that is.

If that is all a little too much like hard work, apartments London wide are certain to be a mere stone throw away from a pub, bar or somewhere to go and paint the town red at the weekend, or just have a quiet drink after a hard slog at work.

Stuff Your Face

London also has a whole host of places to go when it comes to food; you are honestly spoilt for choice.

With many Michelin star joints scattered across the area and with food from pretty much every ethnicity known to man, if an apartment in London doesn’t offer you access to some kind of food you really like – then you will struggle to find a place to eat anywhere!

Shopping – No Time For Dropping

Another advantage of moving to an apartment in London, is the fact that many of them will be very close by to shops of some sort. Whether it’s a small boutique shop or a designer store, there is plenty of variety in London.

If you really want to splash the cash, a trip into the centre of London will give you access to a wide variety of markets, Oxford Street and a whole plethora of shops from Selfridges to Harrods.

Louisa Jenkins is a property expert. She offers advice on moving to a range of apartments London wide, and the benefits of living in each of the UK capitals main areas of residence.

Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/markhillary/4442865476/

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