How A Man And Van Service Can Make Your Life Easier

Imagine this; you’ve just bought a grand piano, snooker table or a fridge and now you’re wondering how you can get this new, shiny device into your house. It’s a long way, it won’t fit in your car or maybe you just don’t have the time. How do you transport your new object? Is it by car? Is it by plane? No, it’s by man and van (you thought I was going to say Superman didn’t you?). A man and van combo are a very effective way to transport goods that you simply can’t and sometimes the feats they complete are almost worthy of Superman in themselves!
Let me give you an example; we (me and my dad) recently bought a snooker table because he has great passion for the game. However, the table we bought was over 120 miles away and with me being at work and my dad not having time to travel the necessary distance to pick this table up, never mind space in his car for such a large object, we resorted to a man and van service. It was probably the best choice we made in the process of buying our snooker table.
First, we had a look on the internet. We went on to the mystical Google and typed in “Man and Van in London” which gave us quite a range of results to look at. After spending some time sifting through the results we found a company called “Best Rate Removals”. It looked okay so we decided to go with them. A quick ring to find prices times and organise payment and when it came to the time specified the snooker table was delivered! Cue (see what I did there?) a rather happy father son duo with a new snooker table and having to go through no hassle. Cue a happy delivery-man with a nice payslip that barely touched our wallets and cue countless hours playing snooker and pool!
So, now do you see how easy it is to get that grand piano, snooker table or fridge to your house? Whether you’re aiming to be the next Mozart, O’Sullivan or erm… fridge person, a man and van combo can be just what you need to make getting it to your house so much easier. Maybe my experience is good enough to initiate yours.

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