Can Someone Move Too Many Times in Their Life?

To Move or Not To Move

Did you ever wish you could see the whole world? Once in a while it occurs to me that there are so many beautiful places I will never see and so many different people I will never meet. It is obvious that no one person can possibly visit every inch of the earth’s surface in their lifetime, and there is so much that we are missing out on.

…But I Can Travel From the Comfort of Home

Fortunately with the internet being an overload of information and pictures, we can visit many beautiful and interesting places via cyberspace. We can meet new people on the internet and learn all kinds of new things. The massive amounts of information that people have access to now is amazing. On the flip side of things, the internet allows us to do everything from the comfort of our own home, so not many people are willing to go and see new things and meet new people in person.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Many people value the idea of a small town where everyone knows everyone and no one ever moves away. While it may sound nice, this promotes ignorance. How can you ever know what else this life has to offer us? I can imagine that it is a comfort to have your family and friends and everyone that you have known your entire life surrounding you, but wouldn’t that eventually become suffocating? You would never see anything new or meet people who may be different from what you’re used to, simply because there is no reason to. You’re not going anywhere, so what’s the use of obtaining new information? You would have no idea what you’re missing out on. They say ignorance is bliss, so I guess if this life seems ideal to you, at least you’ll be blissfully ignorant.


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New In Town

There are also people who cannot seem to stay in any one place for any period of time. Those people do not let their fear trap them in their comfort zone. People tend to think of these types of people as being restless and lost in the world, trying to run from something. While this may be so for some, for others life is just one adventure after another. While moving around, you meet new people, experience different cultures, and witness new surroundings constantly. Interacting with the unknown is a much better way of learning than sitting at home on a computer. Many people wait to do their traveling in their retirement years, but if you’re able to live your life traveling the world and moving from place to place, and if it suits your personality, then go for it!

It’s not a bad idea to have one place that you call home, but not all of us have that option. Many people are moved around as children because they have parents serving in the military. Single parents with children may move for safety reasons or to get help from friends or family.

Roll On

A person cannot move too many times. Who is to set a number to how many times a person should move in their lifetime? If it suits you and makes you happy, keep on rolling.

Article written by Jet Russell. Jet is a constant contributor to the blogosphere and is always writing on topics such as lifestyle issues as well as things like Internet marketing and business.

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