Wild Weddings Are You Ready For One?

Trash The Dress

Trashing the dress seems to be a new fashion trend, and what a trend it is! No longer do you have to have your wedding dress “heirloomed” by the dry cleaners. You don’t have to store that big box with your wedding dress, packing it up every time you move. You don’t have to get your feelings hurt when your own daughter doesn’t want to get married in your wedding dress. Why is that? Because you trashed it at the wedding, that’s why!

One young lady who got married grew up with a mechanic for a father. She helped him in his shop when she was little, and pictures of the little girl covered in grease were some of her best memories. So, when she got married, she went to her dad’s shop and got all dirty, just as she had when she was little. Of course the dress was ruined, but what pictures she got! Her groom was along for the ride, and posed with her as she pretended to change a flat while he watched, and handed her a wrench as she leaned over the fender, looking under the hood. These were some of the most original wedding pictures I’ve ever seen.

That beach wedding can be a great place, as well, to trash the dress. You can get great pictures as you recline in the surf as you wear your wedding dress. Or, stand on the rocks in front of splashing surf as the waves break apart behind you. You’ll get spectacular shots that most people won’t get, because it ruins the dress. But then, that’s the whole point.

Medieval Theme

How cool would it be to marry on horseback? How much cooler would it be to get married on horseback, in armor? The pomp and circumstance that surrounds a medieval themed wedding can be part of your experience. Your guests can wear costumes, and you and your future spouse will ride in on beautiful steeds. The invitations can look like scrolls, and the officiate can dress as a wizard. Think “Game of Thrones”, with dragon themes and swords. The bride will usually wear her hair long and loose, and weave flowers into it. She may even wear a halo of baby’s breath and flowers, from which her veil will cascade.

The couple will usually wear blue in at least part of their clothing, as that is traditional. The bride’s dress should have multiple layers, and the groom will be dressed as a prince. The wedding itself will take place in a formal garden or chapel .

A medieval wedding will have jesters dancing around, juggling and entertaining the guests. Wandering minstrels can serenade everyone, and announce the activities of the evening. The wedding cakes of that time were actually small cakes that were made for each guest and stacked one on the other. The new couple tries to kiss over the top of the stack of cakes, and then the cakes are handed out to the guests.

Star War Wedding

No article on wild weddings would be complete without mention of a Star Wars wedding. Face it, what bride hasn’t felt like Princess Leia at some time, and what guy hasn’t wanted to be Han Solo? The groomsmen can be rebel alliance fighters, or storm troopers, as you wish. The officiate can be General Ackbar. The attendants use light sabers to make a tunnel for the recessional.

Western Wedding

Another horseback wedding, this one has a western theme. Make sure the horse you are riding won’t spook with the train of your gown draped over its rump, though! This cowboy wedding has all the comforts of home, with casual attire and nature as your backdrop. Develop a “brand” with the couple’ initials on it, and mark the invitations with the new brand. Have a cookout for the guests, and go on a trail ride after the ceremony. Some enthusiastic participants actually have been known to pack up saddle bags and go on a trail drive!  If you have your own horses, and want to include them in the ceremony, this is a great way to do so. If you need shelter from the weather, you can have the ceremony in the barn. Otherwise, consider a big field, with the barn for a backdrop. And, of course, you simply must wear cowboy boots with your wedding dress.

Rainforest Wedding

If you want to get really wild, have your wedding planner to set one up for you in a rain forest! Queensland is a great place for this, and is the home of the Great Barrier Reef. This is one of the most significant sites in the world, with plants and animals that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. And, who doesn’t want to go to Australia, anyway! The Land Down Under is as mysterious as the inner parts of the African continent, and with the spirituality of the indigenous people, the setting is perfect for a wild wedding. You will be married in an amphitheater formed by some of the most beautiful palms and ferns on the planet, while birds you would only see in zoos elsewhere provide background music. Butterflies will bring life, color, and movement to the proceedings while you exchange vows delivered at an pulpit of hibiscus, orchids, and other beautiful, exotic flowers.


Photo source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mahinui/6533346875/

Most wedding planners will make sure that you have a backup plan in case of bad weather. After all – it is a rain forest! These alternate venues are just as beautiful as the surrounding forest, with plenty of room and a dance floor, too.

Did you know that parrots live in the rain forest? It’s not uncommon for the festivities to be attended by a wide variety of wild birds that add to the festivity. They’ll also appreciate the scraps of fruit and vegetables that guests leave for them!

Your wild wedding can be a wild as you want it, and equally memorable.

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