The Perfect Best Man Toast

If you have been asked to be the best man at a wedding then you will probably experience a few seconds of pride and joy followed by a sense of dread as you realise that you will have to give a best man speech. For many people public speaking is a major fear and when add the pressure of having to be funny and entertaining in your speech then it becomes a very scary prospect but fear not as here are some tips to help you write and deliver a killer best man speech.

Keep It Short

One of the biggest mistakes that best men make is dragging their speech out so that it turns into an epic struggle for everyone to pay attention. You don’t want to lose the interest of crowd so try to keep it under 5 minutes, even that it probably too long. You can deliver a snappy, funny and heart felt speech in 2-3 minutes, just don’t make it too short, definitely keep it over a minute.

Don’t Forget To Be Complimentary

It can be easy to get carried away with telling embarrassing stories of the groom and all of the antics that you shared with them but you must try to remember why you’re there and why you are giving a speech. You are toasting the happy couple and so you need to be complimentary to them and especially to the bride as it is like a public stamp of approval that you like your best friend’s new wife.

Leave Ex’s Out Of It

Talking about ex-girlfriends and boyfriends is real no-no. You may think that the bride and groom are comfortable enough to laugh about it but you never know what arguments it could cause later. The chances are that you will just create an awkward situation for everyone involved and you might hear tumbleweeds instead of the laughter that you’re after.

Speak To The Room

Often best men tend to rush through their speech and bury the microphone into their mouths while looking down at the floor. Make sure that you stand up straight and speak to the back of the room making sure that you talk slowly enough for people to understand. Take breaks in between anecdotes and pause for laughter, if it goes well enough for that.


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Finish With A Bang

You don’t want to deliver a great speech only to finish it on an anti-climax so your last comments should be your best. A great way to end the speech is to present the bride and groom with a joke gift to get a laugh from everyone and then to get everyone to raise their glasses and sincerely wish them all the best.

Frank Allen recently gave a best man’s speech at his best friend’s wedding. He searched through countless wedding readings until he found the perfect poem to end his speech with.

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