How To Choose Your Wedding Day Jewellery

Although jewellery will not seem like the most important thing on your wedding day, it can make a major difference to how you feel and how you look! When you think of wedding day jewellery, the first thing which comes to mind has to be the wedding ring! This is the symbolism of your whole day and your whole life to come, so this is the piece of jewellery which matters! However, the rest of the jewellery which you wear on your wedding day will also make a major difference!

You will need to pick jewellery which will not over shine your wedding ring, but something that will lie beautifully with your dress.

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Sentimental Jewellery

On your wedding day, many women turn to using jewellery which has been in their family for years. Wearing sentimental jewellery on your wedding day can mean a lot to you and your family. However, it is important that you do not just wear the jewellery for the sentimental reasons; if it does not go with your dress then you shouldn’t wear it.

If you have a sleek dress then you can match it with a diamond necklace, as it shouldn’t be too busy then.

If you have a big dress with diamantes decorating it, then you should probably choose some jewellery which is more subtle like diamond studs. You will already be bringing a lot of attention by your gorgeous dress, so you should leave your dress doing the statement!

Hairpiece Jewellery

If you feel your dress already has too much on for you to wear a necklace, then you can wear a hairpiece to go with your dress. There will be a break in between then dress and the hairpiece, so it won’t look like too much.

If you have a sleek dress or a dress with diamantes then you should consider having a diamond tiara. This will create more of a statement to go with your dress.

Jewellery to Compliment Your Dress

If you have a sweetheart neckline dress, then you should pick white pearl necklaces to go with this style. Pearl necklaces will give a sophisticated and stunning look! If you wanted you could always match it to go with a beautiful pearl bracelet.

Picking your jewellery for your wedding day can be extremely hard work. However if you follow my tips and learn what jewellery will go best with different styles of dress, you will look amazing on your big day!

Sarah Hope is a bridal Stylist from Cambridgeshire, UK who loves to utilise pearls to give a bridal outfit the glam factor. She shops at for her pearl jewellery because the quality is great and it is affordable.

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