Creating a Tradition for Celebrating Your Anniversary

When you are first married to someone, each anniversary is a milestone that you want to celebrate. What about when times get a little tougher? After all, a marriage is not always easy so it is important to make sure that every year you find a special way to celebrate your “I Do’s.” We always have traditions for how we celebrate holidays and other special events, but why not have something that you continue to do each anniversary so that 50 years down the line you have a long-standing custom that is just between you and your partner. Whether you want to give your spouse a traditional anniversary gifts by year or go with something off the beaten path. There are a variety of ways that you can create a special tradition to celebrate each year.


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The Traditional Gifts

Dating back to medieval Germany is the tradition of giving a specific gift catered to each year of marriage. While it is believed to have started only celebrating every five years, a number of cultures, including American and British couples, exchange the traditional anniversary gifts by year. How it works that each year has a coinciding material that needs to be involved in the gift you exchange. To make it more catered specifically to you and your spouse make it like a game and stick with a similar present every year, for example exchange some type of flower each year and it has to involve the material. This will give you the option of getting a vase in that material or a piece of jewelry or decorative piece that involves a flower shape of some sort, but is still in line with the year’s material.

The first 20 years are as follows:

  • 1st anniversary – paper
  • 2nd anniversary – cotton
  • 3rd anniversary – leather
  • 4th anniversary – fruit
  • 5th anniversary – wood
  • 6th anniversary – candy
  • 7th anniversary – wool
  • 8th anniversary – bronze
  • 9th anniversary – pottery
  • 10th anniversary – aluminum
  • 11th anniversary – steel
  • 12th anniversary – silk
  • 13th anniversary – lace
  • 14th anniversary – ivory
  • 15th anniversary – crystal
  • 16th anniversary – wax
  • 17th anniversary – shell
  • 18th anniversary – feather
  • 19th anniversary – chili pepper
  • 20th anniversary – china/porcelain

Picking a theme to incorporate throughout the years will force your loved one to be a bit more creative as they not only have the theme and the material to think of but also what you would most enjoy.  Exchanging traditional anniversary gifts every year is an activity just for the two of you that you can look back on for years to come.

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