A Magical Anniversary To Be Remembered

Many women expect something special on their anniversary; maybe a wonderful romantic dinner for two, a trip to the theatre or sparkling jewellery. Many men on the other hand, are not as romantic, they think a dinner out is enough to show the women they love what they mean to them, some don’t even bother with anniversaries.

Manic Lifestyles

These days our lifestyles are chaos as we juggle family and work. Unlike many years ago, most women work so they are juggling school runs, work and home. The men help out and the couple rarely has time to spend together; quality time and a time to rekindle their relationship.

An anniversary is the perfect time to set aside some quality time together. Get a babysitter for the children or send them to the grandparents and get a whole night where you can just enjoy each other’s company again.

While children are a blessing, they do take time away from any couple as they become the centre of attention, turning lives upside down and not leaving any time for just the two of you.

What better way to tell your partner you love them on your anniversary day than planning the perfect night, which you can spend together just the two of you?

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The Perfect Night

The perfect anniversary night is filled with romance and surprises. You can start the day by sending a bunch of roses to her work as a surprise, they will be appreciated and are a wonderful way to get the anniversary date rolling.

You will need to book any restaurant in advance. Maybe she has a favourite. Try not to go cheap on this one, choose a gourmet restaurant in your area, though something within your budget. A pub meal at the local pub is not going to be the romantic night you were looking for on your anniversary.

If she loves the theatre, see what’s playing and arrange some tickets for after or before dinner, depending on the schedule or maybe just plan a quiet and relaxing time at home afterwards with some great movies, where you can cuddle up together on the sofa and just enjoy some quiet time.

Pick the perfect gift to say how much you love her. A laptop bag or a gift voucher is not the type of gift you hand out on your anniversary, so even though they are the easiest, steer away from these. A beautiful piece of jewellery that you know she’s had her eye on can be the ideal gift for such a special occasion.

The Finishing Touches

With all the planning you can put into the most romantic anniversary, there are some finishing touches to be considered. Get the children off to the babysitter early, this way you can both get dressed without the rush; it is more relaxed and enjoyable this way.

Maybe arrange some rose petals welcoming her home from her long day at work. A superb touch to any anniversary celebration is adding that one special surprise that she will remember for a long time. Why not hire a limousine to take you to dinner and on to your next activity, whether it’s back home or to the latest theatrical production. A limousine is seen as a status symbol and it’s something that any woman will appreciate.

It lets you both relax on your evening out so you can enjoy a bottle of wine without worrying about how to get home and it’s comfortable and stylish. A wonderful finishing touch to any anniversary plans that is guaranteed to get you in the good books for the next few weeks.

While many men don’t understand the importance of planning the perfect anniversary, it is important to many women. With your hectic lifestyles chances are you don’t spend enough quality time together, maybe you don’t even tell her how much you love her often enough and with the perfect night planned and surprises throughout the day, she will soon come to know how much she means to you.

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