When Do You Need A Solicitor

There are various points throughout life where it will be beneficial to utilise the service of a solicitor and in some cases it may be unavoidable altogether. Some of these are quite obvious, like for a purchase of a property, but some are less so, for instance when setting up a business or drawing up a cohabitation agreement. In some instances a solicitor may not be required but could prove useful, for instance with a divorce.

Buying or Selling Property

Often a solicitor is needed not through a legal requirement but simply because it would be impossible to navigate the legal processes required without their qualified expertise. The purchase and sale of property is all but impossible without this, as a solicitor will ensure the transferral of property deeds from completion through to exchange.

Starting a Company

It’s also strongly advisable to engage a solicitor when setting up a new business. Corporate solicitors will help to safeguard your intellectual property rights including any patenting or copywriting; intellectual property laws are very complex and would be unfathomable to those not in the legal profession. Help would also be needed to draw up any contracts, which would typically include employee contracts of employment and terms and conditions for potential and existing customers. A solicitor will also advise on any regulatory requirements specific to the particular industry.


Solicitors are also often involved in family matters. It is possible to go through a divorce without needing to go to court and use a solicitor but there would have to be agreement on both sides with regards splitting of assets and/or child custody. If there isn’t then a solicitor will help to negotiate the terms of the divorce, either through settlement or through a court case. In addition to divorce specialists there are those who deal specifically with cases involving children.


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Co-habitation and Pre-Nuptial Agreements

It is also possible to utilise the service of a solicitor at the outset of a relationship, typically when there is not a marriage but when a co-habitation agreement may need to be drawn up, in place of a legally binding marriage. As there is no legal protection of rights without marriage or civil partnership it means the vested parties can agree what will happen should the relationship dissolve. It’s also possible to arrange similar agreements through solicitors before marriages, which are referred to as pre-nuptial agreements.

Wills and Probate

A solicitor is often used to draw up a will and can also be used if the will is contested after death, or if there is no will. When applying for probate you may need the services of a solicitor to grant you access to control the will and the deceased’s affairs?


If you find yourself in trouble with the law you will need a criminal lawyer. Although it is possible to represent your own defence in court it is high unlikely (and indeed, rare) that you would opt to do this as you’d have little or no knowledge of laws and how they may be able to protect you, as well as understanding and using evidence, if applicable. Defence lawyers will come up with a strategy to secure you the best possible outcome in court.

So now you know the most common times when you might need to find a solicitor. When choosing one make sure you do a thorough search both on and off-line to make sure you get one who will be able to best assist you and your situation.

Written by James Sheehan, a passionate blogger with past legal experience

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