How To Sell Your Structured Settlement

There are times when you are in need of cash because of an emergency. Sometimes there’s an expensive item you want at a give-away price and you don’t want to lose it. If you have a financial instrument like a structured settlement, then you could just sell it. But it is vastly different from selling an ordinary item. You need to know how to sell it legally and most profitably. Here are the correct steps on how this can be done.

Step 1: Examine your documents if they are in order.

Make sure that your structured settlement documents are legally in order. Your potential buyers might want to examine them to evaluate their value against the assets that back them up.  They will also look if they are transferable or not. They may also try to get its present value as a factor against inflation from the time that you were given the settlement.

Step 2: Look for a buyer.

The easiest way to do this is by going online. Many buyers of settlements use the internet to advertise their business. You can see the various services they offer as well as the options you can take advantage of. Insurance brokers and lawyers are also a good source of buyers. Don’t forget your local sources because they may have options that are better than the rest. Please remember that sometimes, a small company will offer better rates than a bigger one.

Step 3: Only deal with legal companies

Be sure that the potential buyer is licensed and insured. If they appear to be operating illegally, then don’t deal with them. Don’t be attracted even if they give you the best deal among the lot. You can check their legality with your local business bureau or the SEC.

Step 4: Compare service charges and other fees.

The service fees of your potential buyer will considerably affect the purchase amount of your structured settlement.  Therefore it is important that you compare the service charges and other fees of at least three of the purchasing companies.

Step 5: Choose the manner of payment

The typical way this is done is by directly depositing the money to your bank account. If it involves a very big amount, the buyer might give you a cashier’s check.  Nevertheless, you have the final option on how you want it to be done.

After choosing your purchaser, the business deal will have to undergo the approval of the court to make it binding and legal.  The judge will determine if the sale is beneficial to you or not.  If you do these necessary steps, you will really get the best of the deal.

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