How To Find A Company Who Will Buy Structured Settlement Rights

Most people are not prepared for financial emergencies that suddenly pop up in their lives.  If you are someone who has been enjoying structured settlement, you are fortunate because you can use this to bail you out in such emergencies. That is, if you are wise enough to locate a company who will buy the rights for your structured settlement. If you are interested in selling your settlement, here are the steps in finding the right buyer.

Step 1: Determine if your structured settlement rights can be transferred or not.

It is only reasonable for the potential buyer to examine your structured settlement whether he can exercise the right to collect the payments. Therefore, find out if you can transfer the rights to him. He will compute its present value to see if he can make a profit from the payments should he be given the rights to receive them.

Step 2: Use several sources in searching for a buyer.

The quickest way to search for potential buyers is by using the internet. Look for the companies that offer the best deal in terms of rates and options. There may be local buyers near you so don’t overlook them. Also consider that a small buyer may sometimes give you a better deal because of their low overhead cost. Lawyers and Insurance brokers can also be of help in locating a reputable buyer.

Step 3: Compare the offers of at least three buyers.

You cannot get the best offer if you only consider one buyer. With two or more buyers, you can get an idea of the real prevailing price. It is not only the price either. Their rates may vary because of the options that they offer. By considering all these factors, you can get the best amount for the options that you want to get.

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Step 4: Research the background and history of the buyer.

Get a list of the past and present clients of the buyer that you have chosen. Check with these clients about their experience with this buyer. Ask if the buyer was able to fulfill his promises to the clients and the quality of service they were given. Use this buyer’s history as your gauge if you will finalize the deal.

There are still other legal matters to consider with regards to selling structured settlement rights. But by following these steps, you will be able to find the right company to sell this settlement to. After this, it will be a matter of going to the legality of the sales.

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