Should We Legalize Marijuana?

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1. What is the commonly used drugs in America?
2. What other people think if we legalized the use of Marijuana?
3. What are the other resource we could fund if we legalized marijuana?
4. If we legalized marijuana does United State government benefit from this?
5. Why it is that legalization of marijuana isn’t the answer?

What a common question nowadays: should we legalize marijuana? Anytime this question comes up, there is always sure to be a very heated debate on the subject.

But it is a very valid question. Drug abuse is rampant in our country, and it is only getting worse. The government’s War on Drugs doesn’t seem to be working. Drug abuse and enforcement is costing our country billions of dollars a year. So something must be done. Is legalizing marijuana the answer?

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Should the United States Legalize Marijuana?

Some people argue that at least marijuana should be legalized. There are a few arguments behind this. First, people say that if we were to legalize marijuana, then hopefully more potential drug users would turn to marijuana instead of some of the harsher drugs.

Marijuana is one of the most commonly used drugs in America. Nearly half of drug-related arrests have been for possession of marijuana, many times very small amounts. So, with that, many people think that if we were to legalize marijuana, we could eliminate much of the drug-related enforcement that our country is having to do. If we are able to do that, this could free up many much-needed resources and funds to put them towards other uses. These resources could be used towards better enforcement towards the still illegal drugs, as well as more prevention and treatment of drug addiction.

Speaking of having more funds for enforcement, prevention, and treatment, that is another one of the arguments surrounding some people’s desire to legalize marijuana. If marijuana is legalized, the government would be able to collect taxes on the purchase of marijuana. These taxes could also be used towards more enforcement, education, and treatment.

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Legalization Isn’t the Answer

While all of these arguments may seem fairly valid, it still doesn’t make legalization the perfect solution. First off, the fact that illegal drugs are illegal isn’t the only problem. There is a reason why they are illegal in the first place. And one of them is how highly addictive they are. Making a drug legal doesn’t make it less addictive. So, there will still be all of the same problems (crime, loss of work, health problems, etc) that come with drug addictions. If anything, legalization would increase the use of marijuana, and that would be a step in the opposite direction than where we are trying to go.

It is argued that marijuana isn’t nearly as addictive as other drugs, and its effects aren’t nearly as bad. Many people feel that marijuana use leads to the use of other, more addictive drugs. But some people argue that marijuana is not actually a “gateway drug.” But either way, if we take a step to increase a drug like this, there is no way to say if it will also increase the use of other drugs.

While many people think that legalizing marijuana is the answer, many others do not agree. There are too many potential risks associated with this legalization. It seems that, with so many risks, it may not be the right step to take.

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