Personal Injuries – The Ins and Outs

Twenty years ago, a slip in the workplace would have meant licking your wounds and hoping that you could continue working. Nobody can afford time off work with mortgages to pay and family to look after, but with the advent of personal injury lawyers; many people are anticipating a large payout after a fall or other injury type in the workplace. Although there are some people who seek to take advantage of this, a lot of us don’t want to have our employers deal with the insurance claim and all the hassle that comes with it. So if you injure yourself in the workplace, is it worth the claim?

Relationship With Your Employer
This will be the factor that really swings the pendulum in most people’s cases. Employees are more likely to make a claim if they work for a large corporation, who they don’t feel a personal connection to the hierarchy of the company. For instance, if you worked in a local shop for a manager you see on a daily basis and have a good relationship with, would you want to claim for a slip? If you worked for an international brand who are raking in millions every year, chances are that you probably don’t know the C.E.O and you’ll feel no guilt in claiming.

The Payout
There are many factors which will affect the amount of your payout. Judgement is mainly made upon the severity of the injury, and the impact upon your life. Below is a list of estimated payouts for a range of injury types;

1.) Severe Brain Damage will pay out in the region of £200,000
2.) Blindness will pay out something like £150,000
3.) Minor back and neck injuries will pay £2,000 – £8,000
4.) Smaller injuries to hands and fingers could pay as low as £1,000

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Of course, there aren’t any guidelines that you can really work from. The tribunal who decide the outcome of the claim and the amount you will receive will take a lot of factors into account that we’re not privy to. If it’s money that you’re worried about, you might be better off asking your employer if they plan to pay you whilst you’re off work to help you get by.

Nobody can make this decision for you, but it’s worth taking these things into consideration before you make the first steps of a claim.

Author Bio: This article was written by Thompsons Scotland to help you better cope with the big decision when it comes to personal injury claims. Please contact with any queries relating to this post.

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