iPhone Consumer Rights App: Know The Law!

Consumer rights can cover a whole range subjects, from personal finance to holidays and buying retail products in stores or online – and some UK laws are now governed by EU law, as in the case of online purchases.

Knowing your rights can be crucial to getting a refund or replacement, or compensation when things go wrong.

Companies including tour operators can be reluctant to pay the compensation consumers are entitled to – and correspondence regarding fairly simple consumer issues can extend over months or even years as consumers fight for their rights.

Consumer champion Which? has developed an app for iPhone which can help consumers know their rights without having to consult a specialist lawyer to fight their case – and the Consumer Rights App is available to download for free from the iTunes Store.

Which? Has designed the app so consumers can find advice on any of the following subjects:

  • Buying in sales
  • Consumer protection rules
  • Faulty goods
  • Flight delays and cancellations
  • How to cancel a contract
  • Online shopping and catalogues
  • Pricing disputes
  • Returning unwanted gifts
  • Understanding the Consumer Credit Act
  • Understanding the Sale of Goods Act.

Each section of the app explains the points of law relating to consumer rights clearly, so that you can quote the relevant sections of the law needed to support your claim or complaint. There are also sample letters to help you draft your own letter of complaint if you have received shoddy service or goods. The app also tells you the sort of information you will need to make a complaint or ask for a refund.


The app answers common queries consumers might have about making a complaint about retail products of services which have not lived up to expectations.

Making a complaint can be stressful and complicated – especially if you are unsure of your rights and just know that a service or purchase has not gone as it should – The Which? Consumer Law Act should put you on the right track to getting your money back.

Apps on phones make it so much easier for you to access the relevant information you need whilst you are on the go. This app fits the needs of many of us who want to be reminded of the rights we have as a consumer, which out the need of researching or looking at a large book. This may well help many people in retail disputes over who is in the right.

A PPI Claims Team will take the stress out of the Mis-Sold PPI Compensation Claims process and help you gain the compensation you deserve after your mis-selling ordeal.

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