Good Legal Advice Makes A Big Difference In DUI Cases

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If you’ve been stopped and arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you are probably woefully unaware of what you can expect to experience in your upcoming interactions with police and the courts. In addition, you’re probably unsure of what your rights are, and how you should conduct yourself in the days leading up to your court appearance to help ensure that you receive the best possible outcome when you finally do go to trial.

An arrest of this kind can wreak havoc on your life and make you worry about losing your license, your job and perhaps your home, too. In addition, you might be facing a number of costs associated with this kind of arrest that include drug and alcohol counseling, driver education and court fees. In addition to all of that, you’re likely to face stiff fines, because authorities have moved in recent times to crack down on drivers under the influence, and one major way they have done that is hitting those found guilty in the pocketbook. And, of course, there’s always the chance that you’ll receive jail time, especially is someone was injured or if a minor was present in the car with you when you were arrested.

Get Counselled Before It’s Too Late

Clearly, the stakes for you are terribly high, so it’s imperative that you receive the best counseling possible before you must face the charges in court. To that end, you’ll probably want to consult with an O.C. DUI attorney if you live in that area or were arrested in that region. Speaking with an attorney who is familiar with local courts and experienced in navigating through your state’s DUI laws is one of the most important actions you can now take.

There are any number of possible pitfalls you can experience when facing a DUI charge, and if you are unaware of the things that you should say, or not say, to law enforcement officials, you will likely find that the outcome of your case will not be as favorable as it would be if you sought out competent advice.

What To Do First

One of your first actions should be to phone a SoCal DUI attorney just as soon as you can, because your case will then be in competent hands, and you will more than likely find that the penalties you might have to pay will be less harsh than they would be if you are represented by an attorney who is unfamiliar with your state’s DUI laws.

The laws governing driving under the influence can be quite complex, so it is essential that you enlist the aid of an attorney who is not only familiar with the subtleties of the laws, but has successfully defended others facing the same charges that you are. Your future depends on it.

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