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If you’ve got a business, it’s imperative that you retain a California business lawyer almost as soon as you hang out your shingle. Why? Because businesses must follow strict laws, and you must be in compliance with those laws at all times. It’s unlikely that you have the expertise to know how to cross every “I” and cross every “T.” Even if you do have the legal expertise; however, your focus should be on running your business, not on the legal hoops you must jump through to be in compliance with all laws. Leave that to the experts.

Corporate protections must be in place before you open your doors

Incorporating your business will provide you legal protections you won’t have as a sole proprietor. Unfortunately, many small-business owners jump in with both feet and start serving customers without these protections, only to find themselves in trouble with no idea where to turn. A California business lawyer can certainly help you resolve difficulties at this point, too, but it’s much wiser, as well as easier and less expensive, to have him or her help you put all important corporate structures in place before you get started. Once corporate structures are situated properly, your lawyer will help you maintain them properly by keeping abreast of any changes in the law and applying them as needed. Then, maintain your business status as a corporation so that you have those protections available to you.


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Keeping protections current can thwart trouble before it starts

Being prepared with your own legal representation on board at all times does a couple of things for you. Number one, of course, it gives you the protections you need in the event you should be sued or have other legal difficulties related to your business or your customers.

Number two, hiring California business lawyers will help you manage problems as they come up instantaneously instead of having to find a lawyer in the heat of the moment, when you’re not thinking clearly. And number three, having a lawyer as your legal adviser makes you look more professional to your customers and others in the business community. Your customers and others you deal with will be much less likely to see you as an easy target or to cause legal difficulty for you that’s frivolous if they know you’ve got a lawyer on your side who will dispatch them in short order.

Finally, hiring a corporate lawyer and making sure your business is properly incorporated and that you are in full compliance with state, and federal requirements will protect you from personal liability. You can focus on running your business, and leave legal concerns to your California business lawyer.

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