Will Getting a Will Done Kill You?

For many people, the act of writing a will is a very scary thing. While most people understand that the value of wills is that they allow you to pass your property to the people who you want to get your property, there is a small subset of people who think that although the will is helpful, it can also be an omen for bad things to come. Call it superstitious, outdated, old-fashioned, stupid or whatever you call it; it is still very much real. For many people, the moment that they write a will, they think that they are sealing their destiny and, in essence, bringing on their death. Why do people think this way? Why do people think that the moment you write a will, you are going to die soon. Alternatively, the moment you take out a life-insurance policy, you are going to die in a short period of time.

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Origin of Superstitions

According to anthropologists, a lot of superstitions that deal with a sympathetic magic, are built on a logical flaw. This logic is that if two things happen at the same time and are somewhat related, then one thing caused the other. So using this analysis in the case of life-insurance policies, since it revolves around the death of the person taking out the policy, there is a similarity between the underlying issue which is death and the insurance policy. So in many people’s minds, if you do one which in this case is taking out insurance policy, it brings about the other which is death. This is a very old superstition. This is called sympathetic magic. In fact, the whole concept of voodoo is based in sympathetic magic. It is very similar to the ideas of people regarding wills and death. Think about it when you take out a voodoo doll, and you stick pins into it, there is a similarity between the shape of the doll and the person who you want to put a hex on or curse. When they stick pins into it, they think that there is a causal relationship between the doll and the actual person. In many societies where people really do believe this, they develop psychosomatic illnesses. So when somebody who believes in voodoo sticks pins into a doll, they get sick. That is the power of superstition.

Don’t Let Superstition Get in the Way of Your Estate Planning

The stakes are high if you believe in superstition and let it get in the way of planning your estate. Writing out your last will and testament is one of the most important things you can do. The truth of the matter is that you want to give your property to the people who you feel deserves to get your property. You do not want to let the law operate so that some random relative will get your property. Your inheritance to your successors is your last will and testament. It is your greatest legacy to them. Pay attention to the whole process and make sure that old superstitions do not get in the way. Estate planning is a very important stage in people’s lives. Your last will and testament should be a reflection of your actual will and wishes for your property.

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