What Happens When You Damage Property While DUI

Driving under the influence can also lead to property damages, considering the fact that a vehicle is being operated by a person who has a blood alcohol level that is higher that the given limit. In fact, people who drive under the influence or DUI can be stopped by the police, when the behavior displayed on the road gives the police probable cause of DUI. If you happen to be driving under the influence and property has been damaged, a DUI test may be processed on you at the scene to determine if the damage inflicted was indeed the result of intoxication. Here is what you must know if this should happen.

What Happens When You Are Charged With DUI?

If you are charged with DUI after being found intoxicated while driving that led to property damages, you can face civil and criminal litigation. This is because DUI cases are more significant once damage to property has been inflicted and when another road user was hurt during the accident. There are also certain property damage claims which have a high value resulting to a felony charge, due to high damage value or the damage involved property and life. Your insurance company can cover for the associated expenses if your coverage can accommodate them. If your coverage is insufficient, a civil lawsuit can be filed against you. As such, you will be ordered to pay for the damages as well as other penalties decided by the court.

Nevertheless, the consequences you can suffer because of this will have life altering effects such as:

  • Loss of license as well as driving privileges
  • Jail term sentence
  • High expenses that also include the cost of repaying the damaged property
  • Rehabilitation sentence, DUI courses or counseling for addiction
  • Requirement to have an ignition interlock device installed on vehicles at home

What Types Of Property Are Damaged?

There are different types of properties that can be damaged in a DUI accident. The most common of all property damages are vehicles and if there is more than one vehicle involved in the accident, then you can be certain that the cost will be higher. Vehicles such as trucks, cars, SUVs, bicycles and motorcycles can all be involved in property damages of a DUI accident. So many accidents continue to be reported that insurance companies find it only reasonable to increase vehicle insurance rates each year.

However, vehicles are not the only properties that can be damaged in a DUI accident. In fact even street signs, curbs and guard rails can be included in property damages. Depending on the severity of the accident and location where the accident occurred, even homes and business establishments can be damaged in such an accident.

legal matters

Your Only Chance

Being charged and arrested for driving under the influence and also damaging property can be a complicated case. This is why there are specializing lawyers who offer their years of experience to those who need quality legal assistance in their DUI property damages cases. Some people prefer to represent themselves and neglect contacting a lawyer, but if you want your case to be handled properly, you must opt to hire a legal professional instead.


Valerie Allans is a freelance writer specializing in drinking under the influence cases. She regularly contributes articles to legal websites such as www.duigainesville.org where well experienced lawyers can be consulted.

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