Wanted: Lawsuit Funding Companies

Lawsuit funding, from the term itself, may simply be defined as a means of financing your needs before your court case settles. The term is synonymous to litigation financing. In lawsuit funding, a third party, which in most cases is a lawsuit funding company, advances an amount to you which you need to pay once you have received the settlement for the case. This is a non-recourse type of funding. This means that you do not have to pay the advance back if you lose the case. In addition, the amount you have to pay back is limited by the amount of the settlement agreement. The funding company shall take the responsibility for any loss associated with this kind of transaction. It usually exists to lessen your financial burden while your court case is ongoing. It provides you with money to pay for your expenses and to make up for the lost income which you could have earned during the months or years that you are fighting for your case in court.

Target Market
Lawsuit funding is very common to those who have pending personal injury cases in court. Lawsuit funding companies are wise enough such that they choose their clients and offer this cash advance option mostly to those who have highly winnable court cases. They do this to minimize their losses. These companies determine the likelihood of winning a case by talking to the lawyer in charge of the case.

How to Get Lawsuit Funding
The best way to get a lawsuit funding is to get it from a trustworthy lawsuit funding company. A lawsuit funding company is an independent party who would provide you financing on a non-recourse basis while your case is still pending in court. There are numerous lawsuit funding companies in the market distributed across different states. Truth is, as of to date, all 50 US states now have lawsuit funding. You may find a lawsuit funding company in your locality by searching the internet. Once you’ve found several funding companies, conduct an elimination method on the basis of factors such as their rates and fees and their position in the market. The next step after choosing the best lawsuit funding company for you is to file your application for lawsuit funding. The procedure is so simple. It would only require you to provide basic information such as your name and your contact numbers, your lawyers’ names and their contact numbers, the case type, and the preferred amount of cash advance. Then, the funding company will evaluate your pending court case through your lawyers. If your application is approved, it may just take hours before you get your cash advance.

lawsuit funding

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Laws Governing Lawsuit Funding
All US states already have laws allowing lawsuit funding. Each state has a unique set of regulations on lawsuit funding. Generally, however, all lawsuit funding transactions are governed by the accepted federal laws on money lending. Though not treated as loan, lawsuit funding also has to observe ceilings for interest charges in accordance with the state’s financial regulations. For your guidance, you may consult a lawyer who has a full understanding of the existing laws on lawsuit funding in your locality.


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