Should Illegal Drugs be Legalized?

“Should illegal drugs be legalized?” That is a very common question nowadays. It’s true; drugs are a very large problem in our country. With all of the problems that they are creating, there are many different opinions on how the War on Drugs should be fought. One fairly common argument on this is that our government should legalize illegal drugs.

Is Legalization the Answer?

This is definitely a very controversial argument on the War on Drugs. Some people think that, to best fight the war on drugs, we should legalize them. Basically, these people think that it could be beneficial to make drugs legal so that the government can regulate them. They feel that this can potentially make these harmful drugs a bit safer, and it could help to lessen some of the draw to them.

If illegal drugs become legalized, then the government will be able to collect taxes on them. Many of these people also believe that, if the government is able to collect taxes on drugs, this will give them more money to fight the war on drugs with. They feel that this, paired with the potential improvements from the legalization itself, could help us to get a better grip on the war on drugs.

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This May Not be the Answer

This argument is a hard one to completely agree with, mainly because of the potential risks that come along with it. Many experts believe that with legalization would come even more drug use and dependence, and a whole new set of problems and costs. They feel that the easier you make the drugs to access, the more people will use them, and the more people will become addicted to them.

Even with the current regulations and consequences that we have put on illegal drugs, it still has continued to be a problem in our country. It seems that, if we make them even easier for people to get, and if we don’t have any ramifications with drugs, even more people will start to use them. If they are not illegal there won’t be much in the way to stop people from using drugs. With that will come more and more addiction (and all of the many problems that come along with addiction).

There are many varied opinions on how the War on Drugs should be fought. It seems there could be potential pros and cons to many of the different plans. Some of them way work great; while some of them may not have even close to the results that we would estimate. But it seems that legalization is in no way an answer to the drug epidemic our country is currently facing. Drug legalization could quite possibly result in more drug use and drug addiction. And that is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve.

Instead of legalization, it seems that a focus on prevention and treatment could be a much better option. And that is actually the way that the government seems to be going. They have been changing their focus, putting a higher priority on prevention and education, and for treatment for drug addicts. With a continued focus on the prevention and treatment of drug addiction, hopefully we will see good results on the War on Drugs. Either way, it seems that this would be a much better option than legalizing such dangerously harmful and addictive substances.

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