Nursing Home Abuse in Cinema

Abuse in a nursing home is something that happens far too often in real life. Unfortunately these events often go on without anyone knowing, and can lead to serious physical or psychological damage. While these events can be very tragic and troublesome to families, they are often portrayed as comical in cinema.

Some people find these spots in movies to actually be really funny and look forward to them. Chances are they don’t find them offensive because they haven’t had a personal experience to relate to. For those who do find it difficult to watch this type of humor in movies, here are a few flicks that you should avoid:

  • 7 Pounds- The movie 7 Pounds has a lot of thematic elements and may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. In this movie actor Will Smith sets out on a rather mystery mission to find people that he can help. His goal is to find genuinely good people who need help and can’t help themselves. In his search for needy people he finds a man who is in charge of a hospital. He wants to make sure that this man is actually a good person before he helps him out. While getting to know this man Will Smith’s character soon discovers that the head of the hospital is only putting on a good face and is actually a bad person. He finds out that the hospital manager has been denying an elderly patient baths and has been verbally abusing her. This point in the movie can be slightly disturbing.
  • Happy Gilmore- Happy Gilmore has a few more instances of nursing home abuse. Part of the subplot of the movie revolves around the main characters grandmother who has been put into a nursing home because her home has been foreclosed. When she get there the nursing home directory seems to be a very nice man, but as soon as her grandson drops her off, the director becomes quite the monster. He puts the nursing home residents to work and often uses yelling and threats to get them to do what he wants. While these scenes are intended to be a bit over the top to lighten the mood with humor, for some they may be difficult to watch. Before you sit down with Happy Gilmore, make sure that you are okay with nursing home abuse being used as a joke.
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If you have a loved one in a nursing home then you need to check with them frequently to make sure that they are being cared for. If there are signs of abuse or your loved one admits to being a victim then you need to contact a lawyer immediately to get the compensation that you deserve.

Micah writes for nursing home abuse lawyer, H. Micheal Wright who has dedicated his career to helping those who have become victims of elder abuse.

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