Knowing Your Rights

Most of us are completely clueless when it comes to what our rights are when buying a product from a high street store or signing a credit agreement. There’s no need to be an expert on all aspects of the law, but knowing your basic entitlements as a consumer will help you put things right quickly if they go wrong.

Faulty Goods

One of the main areas of confusion is what a customer’s rights are when returning goods to a store. Legally, you are only entitled to your money back if the goods are not “fit for purpose”. This could be for many different reasons, for example if you buy a television and it doesn’t work, or if a pair of men’s jeans have been stitched so poorly that the literally fall apart the first time you wear them. The law gives you a “reasonable” length of time to take the goods back to the shop, but does not define what “reasonable” means. As soon as you notice a problem, go straight back to the retailer and ask for your money back. They may offer a replacement, but you have the right to a refund if that is what you want.

Unwanted Gifts

Many of us return items to shops because we have changed our mind, have got home and decided it doesn’t fit properly, or because we have been given a gift we don’t want. Legally, shops do not have to offer returns in these sorts of cases because the goods are not faulty. So if you buy a pair of mens jeans, take them home and decide you don’t like the colour, the shop has no obligation to do anything about it, whether or not you have the receipt. Most companies do more than the law states and most will offer refunds or replacement items if you change their mind, but the policy varies from store to store. Some will only offer replacements, some will refund, and most will demand you have your original receipt, so always keep them safe.

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Internet Shopping

Shopping online, even if you are shopping with a well-known retailer which has high street stores too, falls under different legislation which covers selling at a distance. The law states that if you change your mind after ordering something online, you can return it to the company within 7 days of ordering it (not 7 days after receiving it) for a full refund, even if there is nothing wrong with it. Companies are also legally meant to have a returns policy which makes it simple to send things back, and if they don’t, complain about it. Prices are often less clear on the internet, and many shops will have a clause in the contract which says that goods will be charged at the price when despatched. Supermarkets change their prices often, so if you are placing an internet order for weeks in advance, be aware that you may end up paying more than you had anticipated when you eventually receive your order.

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