Injured at Work: What Is Your Next Step

It’s a simple fact of life that accidents happen. Even when careful precautions are taken, unforeseen circumstances and events can result in damage to property, or an injury that requires medical attention. Frequently, these types of incidents occur as the result of a hazard at your work place which results in you missing work to recover. When this is the case, prudent employees often consult with workers compensation lawyers to ensure that their rights to treatment and fair compensation are being addressed in an honest manner.

Since getting injured on the job is always a possibility even in the safest environments, it is a good idea to know beforehand what to do in these situations since your attention will probably be somewhat distracted after such an occurrence.

Steps to Follow

There are two basic kinds of injury situations that may arise on your work site. One is the development of a condition as a result of the presence of a toxic, or other dangerous substance on your job. This may lead to a skin rash developing or a pain existing due to repetitive motions or something of the like. The second is an outright injury resulting from an event of some type at work, such as a fall.

Whenever either of these two types of injury occurs, the basic approach you should follow is:

  • Immediately inform your employer – this usually means notifying your supervisor at your site of employment about the injury, and the conditions surrounding it. This should be the very first thing you do.
  • Complete all necessary forms – there will usually be a series of forms and reports that must be filled out, and signed by you and your employer. Make sure you know what these documents are, and that they have been correctly filled out and signed by both parties. This establishes that everyone acknowledges the event took place.
  • Seek medical treatment – sometimes your employer will direct you to their own medical facility for care, and other times you will select your own treatment provider.
  • Keep records of time lost – if the injury results in you being unable to work for a certain period of time, it is essential that you have detailed records documenting the exact amount of time on the job you have lost resulting from the incident.
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Once you’ve ensured that these basic steps have been followed, be sure to stay informed as to what rights and obligations you have to receive treatment and compensation. Workers compensation lawyers are experts in this field and will work with you to make sure your rights are protected. Seeking their guidance will help with the peace of mind you need to recover.

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