How To Deal With A Cross-Border Product Liability Lawsuit

When you are dealing with a product liability lawsuit, naming the appropriate defendant can be a great challenge. You may have multiple defendants who seem to be involved in the defective design of a product or distribution of a faulty product. The job of a personal injury lawyer is to determine who is at fault in a cross-border product liability lawsuit. The personal injury lawyer will take a careful look at the facts to see which defendants played an active role in designing a defective product and releasing it onto the market without doing the appropriate research or testing procedures.

Typical Cases

The typical case in which a product liability lawsuit can arise is a car accident case. When a car accident occurs, the accident may be caused due to the defective design of the motor in the vehicle. A person may suffer severe injuries due to a defective airbag that has popped or caused a leakage in the car. Airbag burn is a frequent injury that people suffer in cars that have a defective design. After a personal injury lawyer has determined which defendants to bring into your cross-border product liability lawsuit, he or she will then have to determine which part of the defective design of a product triggered an accident.

Determining The Defect

Determining the exact parts of a defective design that resulted in one’s accident is a very complicated process. A personal injury lawyer will typically have to feature expert testimony in a case to prove the defective condition of a product. A personal injury lawyer may choose to interview an engineer on the witness stand to discuss the defective condition of a product. Engineers are frequently able to offer their insight and a detailed description of the way in which a product is supposed to work.

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Figuring out the appropriate damages that must be awarded in a cross-border product liability lawsuit is another difficulty that plaintiffs often face. A personal injury lawyer will have the task of determining which country’s laws should govern the total amount of damages that are awarded to a plaintiff if the case goes to trial. Otherwise, a personal injury lawyer Vancouver can attempt to settle the case outside of the court room.

In countries like Canada, a plaintiff will be capped at certain amounts in cross-border product liability disputes. A plaintiff is not able to receive more than one million dollars in punitive damages in Canada.

Some cases may also require that a personal injury lawyer file an appeal. If the jury returns a verdict with an amount that is below the requested amount, then a lawyer may file an appeal for a victim’s claim. The lawyer will try to obtain an amount that was initially requested in a petition. Filing an appeal can also be an arduous process so a person should find a lawyer who is experienced in filing appeals for cross-border disputes. It is essential to hire a lawyer who understands the appropriate venue for filing this sort of appeal in one’s case.

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