How the new Healthcare reform bill will help the Medical Billing profession

One of the key tenets of the Obama administration’s new healthcare reform bill is the inclusion of nearly an additional 50 million Americans into medical healthcare insurance coverage.  Not only is this a huge step in the right direction for our country in terms of brining us up to standards with the rest of the civilized world with providing our citizens an option for medical treatment, it may also stimulate key sectors of the medical industry.  A current question that is at the forefront of the debate on this issue is how the new healthcare reform bill will help the medical billing profession.  With so many more Americans being potentially covered by government-sponsored medical insurance, will there be a huge demand for medical billing and coding specialists in the future or will the industry shrink, if the government decides to streamline the billing process?

The Debate

Although this controversial bill is the subject of a great deal of heated debate within our country, the evidence is undeniable that, if passed in some form, it will facilitate the dramatic increase in demand for medical billing specialists.  This is due to the fact that there will be a significant increase in the sheer number of patients who are insured, and will therefore, be able to seek treatment options.  The concerns that the government will streamline the billing process to the point where the medical billing specialist industry will shrink are largely unfounded.  There appears to be no current legislation in the works that would call for a dramatic update to the way we currently track and bill medical procedures in the United States.

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In addition to the sheer number of individuals that will potentially be covered under this new bill, the types of services that will be included in most medical insurance policies may be significantly increased as well.  These services fall under the categories of specialized care for the elderly, for women’s health, and for pediatrics.  Again, this is significant move in the right direction for our country just in terms of putting us on equal footing with the rest of the world in terms of giving our citizens access to medical care.  With the potential for significant increases for these new types of treatments covered by insurance companies, the demand for well-trained and skilled medical billing and coding specialists promises to absolutely skyrocket!


The medical billing and coding specialist career field, even in today’s dismal economy, has continued to experience growth.  Not only is the industry currently growing, but medical billing specialists also enjoy very competitive starting salaries and job security.  Therefore, it should come as a surprise that many young people take a strong interest in this sector of the medical industry as a way to land a competitive job without requiring excessive education.

As debate rages, medical billing and coding specialists sit anxiously on the edge of their seats anticipating a significant increase and demand for their valuable services.

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