How President Obama Uses History to Guide His Policies

President Obama has implemented many new policies that are new or revised to our government system. While Obama has his own reasons for the policies, and for the most part, they coincide with the history of this nation, some of his detractors claim that he is a historical anomaly. We explore his policies and how they relate to historical perspectives.


President Obama wants to keep our taxes low for the middle class and higher for those who can afford it. He knows that when the middle class is financially independent, the economy is generally in a healthy state but when the middle class is taxed beyond what they can afford, they will stop buying and they will have a greater risk of foreclosure and repossessions which will damage the state of the economy. The American Revolution was based partly on the fact that the nations founders wanted a nation free of taxation although they knew that a nation without any taxes would likely fall into deep debt, so they compromised a way to tax the citizens without taking too much.


Healthcare seems to be the hot topic of this election year. While many people feel that the nations founders founded this country on freedom, others feel that the citizens of our nation should be provided with some basic elements, like healthcare for all. Obama has put into place Obamacare. This is a healthcare plan that is a requirement for all employers to offer to their employees. Some people feel that we should not be forced to provide healthcare since this is a nation built on freedom, although others argue that President Obama is keeping the nations founders wishes by providing a healthy environment for all citizens, not just those who are awarded with careers that offer healthcare benefits.

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Another key element in history that has shaped President Obama’s policies is that of development. This is also another hot debate topic as the president feels that we should provide financial assistance to foreign aid in order to promote development in our own country while the opposition feels that we should keep our aid to local markets to help our own economy to grow. Everybody will agree however, that our nation was founded on development of cities and towns that turned into colonies and states that helped to shape what our nation is today. While president Obama may face opposition in his development policies, he is simply pursuing what he feels the forefathers wanted when they founded the nation.
Obama’s policies may offend some and others may not agree with the policies that he has created or revised. The simple truth of the matter is that everybody has a different opinion as to what our forefathers wanted and he is simply going with his own opinion as all the presidents of the past and the future have, and will do. Ther has been debate on many of these issues since the time of the US Revolutionary War. He feels that he is doing what is right for the nation and that history has shaped his policies as he sees them. It is up to the voters to decide who agrees and who disagrees with these policies and how much of the country feels that he is doing what is best. This is another element that our forefathers wanted, a country that was free to choose our own leaders every four years.

Marcus Camby is a political science teacher, blogger, and father of 4 sons. He feels that American citizens are best served when they are educated on the political topics of today.

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