Things To Avoid When You Decide You Are Ready For A Divorce

Divorces are becoming more common as the stigma formally associated with divorce begins to disappear.  Even though divorce is more widely accepted in social circles, the effects are still painful and can cause clouded judgment for both parties involved.  When you first begin to think about divorce make sure you explore all of your options and try to communicate with your partner to solve the problems in your relationship.

The reality is that unfortunately some relationships cannot be saved and divorce is the best option for everyone involved.  If you have decided that is the case with your relationship these are common mistakes people often make when they are nearing the end of a long term relationship.

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Many people who are in unhappy relationships make the mistake of thinking if they create a distraction they will be able to ignore the underlying problems in the marriage.  This can lead people to purchase new pets and in extreme cases even become pregnant in an attempt to save the marriage.  The only thing this accomplishes is making it more difficult to separate when the relationship finally hits the pinnacle of disaster.  Having a child or new pet will be stressful, and stress is the opposite of an ideal situation for dealing with an unstable relationship.  Remember, once you introduce another living thing into your family you have to be committed to providing for not only your happiness, but theirs as well.

When to leave is another issue many potential divorcees face.  There is a tendency, especially if children are involved, to wait until after a major holiday or family event.  This can quickly backfire when tensions grow from the stress of a large event.  If you have already made up your mind that you are leaving and are sure that you will not change your mind, you should get your affairs together and leave.  Holding onto the knowledge that you are leaving and not letting the other person know can cause more problems when you finally do leave.  The worst thing that can happen is that you bottle up your resentment and something causes you to release it in from of everyone at Thanksgiving dinner.  If you communicate your feelings before the big event, everyone in your family will have time to better prepare for the inevitable and will not have to associate bad feelings with an otherwise happy holiday.

At the other end of the spectrum are people who make a quick decision, pack their things, and leave.  Unless you are in an abusive situation, this can be counterproductive to the eventual compromises that must be made throughout the divorce process.  There are many logistics involved in a divorce that are even more complicated if children are involved.

Are you financially secured?  Do you know where you are going to go when you leave?  If you believe your spouse is going to take the news badly have you collected all the paper work and records you will need throughout the filing process?  Divorce is never neat and tidy, but a little planning and thought will help you communicate more clearly and make the process as smooth as possible.

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