Most Common Issues That Can Lead to Divorce

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1. Why having a lack of trust leads to divorce?
2. Why financial problem leads to divorce?
3. Why alcohol and drug abuse leads to divorce?
4. Why a career leads to divorce?
5. Why family problem leads to divorce?

Most Common Issues That Can Lead to Divorce

When you were first married, the thought of divorcing your spouse was as far away as the moon. But the sad reality is that some couples grow apart in the ensuing years. Whether you choose to divorce your spouse when the kids are small, or perhaps you thought it would be best for all concerned to hold off for awhile. Maybe things might improve.

Marital problems only increase, in some cases, and as the years go by and despite all efforts at reconciliation, divorce is inevitable. There are common themes in marriages that end in divorce and some of them are:

Lack of trust

Before you were married you knew that your companion was always a flirt. But that did not bother you because you were both free to see other people. When you both became engaged, the flirting did not subside and you convinced yourself that he/she would change once you are married. The truth of the matter is that your companion continued to flirt with other people in marriage and that raised your suspicions of infidelity. And you convince yourself that your spouse is having an affair.

Financial Problems

Some married couples never got a break financially, and it appears as though they were living on a prayer. Going through the indignity of having your electricity cut or debt collectors hounding you on a regular basis is enough to split any marriage apart. For the sake of your sanity many couple call it quits.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Things tend to get messy in situations where there is alcohol or drug abuse in a marriage. Substance abuse in a marriage sometimes lead to domestic violence where the spouse has to flee the marital home to avoid being battered. Living under these conditions would lead to a divorce.


Some couples might have to tolerate living apart for long periods in the year because either one or both spouses have careers that takes them around the globe for months on end. Long distance relations puts a strain on people because their emotional and physical needs are not being met. The odds of either one of you falling in love with someone else or even taking a lover is high. Discord and rancor soon steps in and the marriage sours leading to a divorce.

Family Problems

It takes a lot of effort to make your marriage work and it does not help matters when you have to deal with disapproving in-laws. Typical mother-in-law drama is usually at the heart of the matter when the bride was disapproved of from the beginning. Added to the frustration that her husband does not stand up for her. Tensions soon reach boiling point and the marriage falls apart at the seams.

There are instances where the married couple comes from polar opposite backgrounds and the cultural differences begin to surface. Unable to cope by adjusting within the marriage to make things work. Some couples opt for a divorce instead.

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