Is It Worth Getting A Family Lawyer At A Divorce?

Divorces can be one of the most upsetting and traumatic time in a person’s life. Having promised to spend the rest of your life together, to then having all that broke and pulled apart. Every divorce is completely different, and no two divorces can be described as the same, this is why you shouldn’t just assume that you need a family divorce when you are going through a divorce just because you know someone else who had to!

You should judge your divorce before deciding whether to get a family lawyer or not. You should first judge the whole situation; if you have a lot at stake then it will be worth getting a family lawyer. If you have young children, it may also be worth getting a family lawyer, as the lawyer will have your children’s best interests at heart, this will mean that the divorce will be over as quickly as possible.

If you believe that you situation is not too difficult to solve, then you should consider trying to solve the divorce between you both. There are many things which you will need to think about and discuss, such as children, finances and the family home. If you both work together through the divorce then it can be settled quickly with both people happy. If you feel like you can settle your divorce between the two of you, but just want to ensure that everything is done fairly, then you are able to get a mediator to sit in on discussions who will act as a third party person who will help you both come together and work out what is going to happen fairly. Solving a divorce together, without a family lawyer can save you a lot of agony, time and money. If you can go through your divorce without using a family lawyer then you will have to write to the courts explaining your situation, and ask them to grant you a divorce.


If the divorce is difficult enough, without you both being at each other’s faces, blaming each other for the marriage collapsing, then it will be worth getting a family lawyer. For some people it can be just too difficult and tricky for you both to sit together with each other’s interests put first. You can pay for a family lawyer who will guide and advise you both on what to do next. The family lawyer will put both of your needs first, so no one will get favoured through the divorce so someone is left treated unfairly.

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