How To Split Debts And Property When You Are Filing For Divorce

Whether you are married for a year or thirty years, if you decide to get divorced one of the major challenges is deciding who will take ownership of your assets, joint property and of course, the debt you have collected together.  In some cases, it may be obvious who should get what, but with other couples or particular items, like the house or a vehicle you bought together, the decision about who gets to keep it may be a little more difficult.  Some states have laws to help guide the division of assets and debt while others leave the decision up to the couple and their lawyers.  If you find yourself in a situation where division of debt and property is necessary, you will find the process less painful if you put aside your bad feelings and resentment and try to communicate openly with your partner.  In reality, this can be a challenge.
Everyone is different, and as such, each couple will likely approach this process differently.  There are many factors that will effect decisions and none of these choices should be taken lightly.  If you are getting divorced and are searching for solutions or ideas that can help make the process run more smoothly you can try one of these commonly used ways of dividing up assets and debt at the end of your marriage.
Divorce is often the result of a breakdown of communication in a marriage.  Because of this, it can be difficult for a couple to meet face to face and work out a compromise on their own.  It is common for a couple to seek help from an outside party when they are sitting down to divvy up their debt and property.  In extreme cases, couples utilize lawyers to negotiate so that they never have to meet face to face.  One of the most common ways couples involve an outside person in the division of assets, property and debt is to bring in an appraiser.  This can help the couple determine the value of their belongings which makes it easier to arrive at an equitable split.  After the appraisal is complete each partner usually takes turns choosing a similarly valued item until all the property has been claimed.  Some people just want to start over with all new things, especially when homes are involved, so many couples agree to sell their property and split the money after their debts are paid.  This option allows the couple to be completely free of any ties that common debt may create.
If a couple is lucky, they can save a lot of money by working out the division of assets, property and debt on their own.  This will require communication and effort on the part of both partners.  If you can both trust that you know what your property is worth and agree to make equitable selections, you can simply take turns choosing items that you each want until you have split everything up.  Often if one person’s selections have more value, that person will agree to take on more of the debt as well.  Another way to divide up your assets and debt is to appoint one person to determine the value or negative value of an asset or debt and then let the other person choose items that equal half of what you own as a couple.
No matter how you decide to divide up your assets and debt, you should always consult a lawyer to be sure you understand the laws of the state you are filing in.

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