Grow Strength From Your Divorce: Gardening For Divorcees

So, after contracting the law firm with the best divorce and, filing papers and following through court procedures, you finally receive the legal documents that make your divorce official. Now what? You’re single and have to begin a new life. While some may revel at their new-found freedom, others have a much harder time adjusting.

Going through a divorce can be extremely difficult, draining you both emotionally and physically. And, no matter the circumstances for the separation, it can be tempting to want to want to crawl into a dark hole and lead a non-existent life.


But, we all know that’s not realistic, and furthermore, it’s not good for your health. Instead of slowly deteriorating into a state of vegetation, spring back into action! There’s no better way to get your life back, your independence, and vivacity, than to pour your energy into something you enjoy, like gardening.

As you recover from your divorce, and embark on a new journey of singlehood, seize this time to rediscover who you are and participate in activities that make you happy.

Don’t Burn Daylight

Stop asking yourself “What went wrong?” or “Why did this happen to me?” By channeling your negative thoughts into gardening, you can climb out of a state of denial regret. You will begin to see that there are more important things like making yourself happy, being productive and spending time with your kids and friends.

Moreover, it’s an extremely great way to improve your physical and emotional health. With all the raking, hoeing and moving around, you’ll get your daily dose of exercise. Plus, it’s a great way to take out your aggression. The exposure to the sun will provide your body plenty of vitamin D, give you more energy and enhance your mood.

Start from Scratch

Use the process of gardening as a metaphor for life. Whether it’s your neglected yard or soul, take this transitional time to mend and nurture it. After a troubling break-up it can be beneficial to dedicate your time to something productive. With patience and devotion your garden will flourish, and with time, so too will you. Take pride in your ability bring life to something that was once dull. Seeing all of the hard work you accomplished will do wonders for your spirit.

Nurture Relationships

You’ll continue to need the support system you developed during the divorce. Family law solicitors can offer great professional advice, but don’t forget thay friends and family are great at lending you a shoulder to lean on and offering help. If you have kids, invite them to help you with the gardening. It’s an excellent way for you to have fun and bond, as well as create new memories.

Also try to develop new relationships. There are so many people out there who know your plight and who are more than willing to help you overcome it. Furthermore, there’s an entire community that shares your passion for gardening. You can easily meet new people at the market or by attending gardening shows and workshops.

Reap the Rewards

Gardening can be so enriching in so many ways. You may see an improvement in your attitude, physical health and emotional well-being. You will have a beautiful space for relaxing and enjoying quiet afternoons. You can use the fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare tasty and healthy meals to promote your new, healthier and happier lifestyle.

Alan Parker is a freelance writer who likes to provide advice for those looking to move on from past relationships.

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