Funniest Fictional Cops

As the namesake character of the series, his inane rime-fighting style takes center-stage. He spends his time searching for a criminal that is always directly in front of him, and yet he never seems to notice. The character is often seen standing next to the perpetrator he is trying to catch, but he expresses clueless hopelessness about the case during these cringe-worthy moments. Despite tracking the outlaw across dozens of state borders, this sheriff always returns empty-handed.

Officer Barbrady of South Park

This policeman is notoriously awful at his job. He was illiterate while serving on the force, and incapable of solving any crimes. Barbrady spontaneously makes up offensive laws, but he fails to enforce real ones, or demonstrate even a basic understanding of criminal justice principles.

This officer arrives to make crime scenes worse. The dumbest person in town is granted the most responsibilities. His sole purpose seems to be disseminating crowds, but he often attracts them with displays of incompetence. He is also depicted providing sexual favors to the mayor in unexplored plot lines.

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