Funniest Fictional Cops

Chief Clancy Wiggum of The Simpsons

Laziness defines the main police officer in Springfield. If he is tired, Wiggum will sometimes hang up on emergency calls. Instead of responding to urgent incidents of crime, he typically chooses to locate a feast. He commonly arrests innocent civilians. This causes him to blatantly disregard evidence in the process. At one point, he leaves the keys to the city unprotected, which allows his mentally challenged son to explore an abandoned prison.

His presence explains the continued freedom of several main characters in spite of their repeated criminal actions. Repeat offenders are always able to elude him, and he releases the perpetrators that he has arrested to minimize his busywork. Through these indolent means, Wiggum maintains the abysmal normalcy of Springfield.

Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Smokey and the Bandit

This infamously brutish officer epitomizes the belligerently erratic caricature of a policeman from the historical American South. Justice utilizes the moniker Smokey Bear, and his character excels at anthropomorphizing the irascible animal. He is grotesquely crude, and extraordinarily aggressive.

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