Funniest Fictional Cops

Unbelievably, this man is the acting leader of the Reno Sheriff Department. He leads the ensemble, and repeatedly bungles investigations through sheer inattention. He constantly loses track of perpetrators, and is responsible for excessive damage to the city. He overlooks the shortcomings of other officers, which allows the whole department to be an unending debacle.

Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife of The Andy Griffith Show

As a member of law enforcement, Fife is a bombastically horrendous public servant. He is egotistically pompous, and overcompensates for his inadequacies with constant self-promotion. His character is known for hyperbolic overreactions that threaten the integrity of all policing. Fife’s gullibility results in victimization through constant scams.

The loudmouthed deputy leads the cast of the show. He strictly enforces the law, and enjoys focusing on minor infractions. He concocts elaborate crime fantasies that he forces himself to intricately solve. The delusions result in non-stop runarounds of humiliating oversights.

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