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On-screen depictions of incompetent police officers have enjoyed rampant popularity in modern culture. The hilarity that ensues from an inability to fulfill law enforcement obligations generates uniquely comedic situations. Bumbling authorities in uniform have become a prevalent trope in current entertainment mediums; however it takes a special cop to transform ineptitude into the masterful art of humor. This list identifies five fictional officers that are in a pitiful league of their own when it comes to the litany of failures they have committed in uniform.

Lieutenant Jim Dangle of Reno 911!

This officer is known for his oblivious promiscuity, brash temper and tendencies to bungle police operations. As commander of the police force in Reno, he is known for his signature attire, which consists of unfortunately cut short-shorts. The character insists the clothing is designed for aerodynamic function, but his overt sexuality contests the notion. Dangle is repeatedly distracted by homosexual fantasies for one of his subordinates. His insecurities cause sudden rages; as a result, he is prone to random outbursts of police brutality.

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